Energy for Growth Program.

Are you looking to build an energized, more connected and high-performance team to take your business to the next level?

We all know that energized teams create the best results. However, business growth and team potential are compromised in today’s workplace. Particularly in today’s dispersed workplaces, teams are languishing – suffering from a lack of energy and showing signs and symptoms of burnout – making now the best time to actively manage your team’s energy and unleash the potential of your people and business!

Introducing our Signature Offering – Energy for Growth!

Energy for Growth

Create the energized, connected and high-performance team that everyone wants to be on!

A Cohort-Based Behaviour Change Program.

Energy for Growth is a 12-week program focused on shifting individual and team behaviours to build your team’s energy and drive personal and business growth based on scientifically validated tools

Program Overview.

Team Pulse Check

A pre & post program team pulse check for measurable results

Individual Assessments

Individual assessments to help each team member understand where there is room for personal improvement

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching to help leaders own and drive the behaviour change

4 Learning Modules

4 learning modules (1.5-hours every second week) focusing on personal, professional and team energy dynamics

Behaviour Change Commitments

Recap, conversations and behaviour change commitments between learning modules (1-hour leader-led sessions every second week)

Habit Tracking

Proven behaviour change and habit tracking to lock in commitments and ensure that individuals and team adopt energy-building habits

Curated Library

Curated library of best-in-class content, tools, techniques and approaches to supplement the 4 learning modules

The Energy for Growth program will...

Help your team members to take responsibility for and dramatically improve their personal energy levels, and bring their best selves to work
Embed mindsets and practices into your team that build energy and improve the odds of business success
Deepen team connections and improve collaboration
Provide measures and metrics to help you demonstrate your team’s progress

There’s never been a more important time to unleash the energy of your workforce!

Let us help you discover if the Energy for Growth program is what you need to drive your team and business forward today.

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Program Content

Energy: the critical lever
  • Energy and decision fatique
  • Managing energy vs managing time
  • Linking energy to productivity, problem solving and creativity
Personal energy
  • Dimensions of personal energy
  • Scientifically proven tools and techniques to improve energy
  • The value of routine and habit to maximize energy
Professional energy
  • Your energy at work
  • Peak performance state
  • Creative problem solving and energy
  • Bringing your authentic self to work
  • PIE Model to achieving professional goals
Team energy
  • The foundation – positive intent, decide and do, fostering deep human connection
  • 6 key mindsets for high energy teams

Looking to grow in a different way?

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