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The Great Resignation: When quitting your job is not the answer

Shelli Baltman
In the final blog of our series on the Great Resignation Energy for Growth Co-founder Shelli Baltman offers those considering quitting their jobs a few top things to consider before making the decision to resign, including why a new job is not a solution to burnout.

We’ve sponsored The Canadian Social Connection Survey led by Kiffer Card at The University of Victoria, which revealed that those who take new jobs are twice as likely to burnout, versus those that stayed in their current roles during the last 18 months.

With this in mind, we wanted to give you a few things to think about if you’re considering quitting your job, which we cover in this video:

1. New jobs come with new stresses

Thinking a new job is going to be less difficult or stressful than your current role may not be true. It’s important to remember that new jobs come with new processes, people, and the need to prove yourself. Our research shows you’re 2x as likely to burnout in a new job.

2. Make your decision to resign from a place of good energy

Be sure that you’re making this important decision from a place of positive energy. Get yourself in an energized state and find time to reflect and make your decision thoughtfully. Consult your partner, family and friends and consider what you like most about your current role before making such a critical life decision.

3. Ask yourself: Have I asked for what I want?

Most often, leaders are willing to do almost anything to keep their top performers. Consider what you would like from your current job to turn it into exactly what you’d be looking for in a new job. Whether you’re looking for more responsibility, a leadership role or really transforming your workplace culture.

Whatever you’re looking for, it could be possible in your current role. Ask for what you want and be specific about it. Be positive and demonstrate your willingness to do what it takes to achieve these improvements in your current job.

Often there are a lot of levers you can pull to turn your current situation into exactly what you’re looking for.

Have you considered resigning in the last 18 months, or are you a leader looking to retain your top performers? What resonated with you about our recommendations? Leave us a comment below to share your thoughts. We’d love to continue this conversation!
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