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The Great Resignation: Why Now Is The Time For Servant Leadership

Shelli Baltman
In Part 4 of our blog series on the Great Resignation Energy for Growth Co-founder Shelli Baltman shares why the perfect time for servant leadership is now, and why our people need us, more than ever, to come from the perspective of helping them to be as happy and productive as possible as they navigate this difficult time

Servant leadership is not a new concept, but more than ever our people need leaders to come from the perspective that we’re here to serve our team to help them be as happy and productive as possible.

To avoid The Great Resignation, we need to correct the energy drain that has occurred in our teams and to our people as they’ve navigated uncertain times. If you’re leading a team, we’d suggest two immediate next steps covered in this video:

1. Getting up to date with people’s priorities

As our teams have reevaluated their priorities in life, we need to make sure we know what is most important to them and then think about how we might structure their roles and their work experience to deliver to their priorities.

2. Helping them to build resilience and manage uncertainty

As leaders, we need to help our team manage the uncertainty of the next 12 – 18 months. We should be investing in them as individuals and helping them to build their resilience skills through actively giving them tools and training to support them through this next phase of work.

Have you used servant leadership in the workplace? What resonated with you about these two recommendations? Leave us a comment below to share your thoughts. We’d love to continue this conversation! See you in Part 5.



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